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  • 38 billion records with only one instance of SADAS DBMSThanks to the performances of SADAS DBMS, an important banking institution has implemented the DWH and allows the users an easy and immediate access to company data.

  • ParallelismOptimization of the Intraquery parallelism (parallelism to optimize the performances of the single query) and Interquery parallelism (parallelism to optimize the performances of the engine with concurrent queries).

  • HintInsertion of the Hints to customize the queries execution modality.

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Sadas Engine is an alternative to databases such as Oracle, DB2 and Teradata, and it is the best columnar Database Management System on the market. Why?

SPEED: it is from 10 to more than 100 times faster than transactional DBMSs, carrying out searches on data in fractions of a second over a period longer than 10 years.

BIG DATA: it can store, manage and analyze limitless quantities of data without consequences on performances.

LOW TCO: it runs perfectly on low cost standard hardware, it does not need DBA interventions and it is completely built in house, so third-party licenses are unnecessary!

Next Version: SADAS Engine 8.0


The SNAPSHOT allows to execute the same query text on data snapshots in different moments, without having to edit the text for every execution, and without having to specify in the query text the temporal version of the data of the table. The Snapshot is univocally identified by an alphanumeric identifier and has a validity timestamp (moment of the "snap" of the snapshot) as essential attribute.


The PARTITIONING allows to horizontally cluster the tables, that is the data of the high cardinality tables can be devided into physically different segments according to the values of a suitable partitioning field. The horizontal clustering of the tables with the same cardinality considerably reduces the use of hw resources, in particular RAM and CPU, used by Sadas Engine both in the phases of loading and inquiry and substantially improves the performances for both analytical queries and information retrieval.

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