Become a Partner!

The ideal partners are Software Developer Companies that are going to adopt our technology for its verticals, or Software Distributor Companies that decide to be our partner enjoying our huge benefits: in both cases we expect from the partner a deep knowledge of customers’ needs and the sales relationships. SADAS will contribute with the technology, the competency on DBMS and analytics, the support, and the training classes to partner’s technical department.

Who we are

Sadas s.r.l. has been founded in 2013 as a spin-off of AS – Advanced Systems s.p.a a wellknown company founded in 1981 that provides software solutions to more than 2 hundred public administrations, together they form the AS group, which has 130 employees and a total turnover of 10 million euros.
We immediately made a name for ourselves in the market, and therefore Il Sole24Ore – Italy’s most renowned newspaper in terms of business, finance, law and economy – together with Statista – Leading provider of market and consumer data worldwide – listed us among the Leaders of the Growth. In a very short period, we started working together with the most important banking institutions in Italy like Unicredit, Raiffeisen and Monte dei Paschi di Siena just to name a few. These projects boosted our credibility in the domestic market, especially we are a point of reference as in the anti-money laundering as in the Data Management for software solutions.
Right now, we do have a very good traction in Italy, and we currently have more than 40 customers working with us in our country. Basically, therefore we are planning to move outside of Italy and replicating our successful approach abroad. We already have two commercial and operative branches around the world (US, UK) and we are targeting specific countries where SADAS could be a perfect fit.

What we do

SADAS is a company that has developed its own high-performance Big Data analysis technology – Sadas Engine – for Business Intelligence and Information management. Thanks to our technology, the company is specialized in developing innovative applications and data warehousing solutions both in cloud and on premise. In detail, Sadas Engine is the fastest columnar Database Management System able to perform 100 times faster than transactional DBMSs and able to carry out searches on huge quantities of data over a period even longer than 10 years. Sadas Engine is designed to store, manage, and analyse huge quantities of data, and seamlessly integrates with any data warehouse environment, it allows to implement solutions for Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Data Analytics.
Data Centricity and a Customer-Based make it possible for SADAS to deliver customized solutions for every business vertical in terms of: Big Data Analytics, Data Quality, Transaction Data Management, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Governance, Machine Learning predictive models and much more.
Furthermore, since SADAS is the only proprietary of its technology, Sadas Research & Developer Lab can work, with ease and in less time than competitors, on new integrations or release based on the customers’ effective needs.

Why use Sadas

Companies, whether they like it or not, have huge quantities of data. They need to be able to take advantage from this data to make better decisions, improve their efficiency, optimize their resources, and predict the trends of their business.
Compared to other solutions on the market, Sadas is pretty unique. Our own technology allows you to have:

  • High performances: compared to Oracle, for example, our customers ran some tests with both technologies, with our technology you’ll cut the timing by 30%.
  • Low TCO: this will allow you reduce server-related costs, workload, maintenance costs and costs for hardware and software licences.
  • Easy integration with all the major vendors on the market.
  • A holistic approach to data governance.
  • Very simple DB management: you’ll have the highest level of detail of information without the need of pre-aggregating data.

What are we going to do

Sadas has achieved important results in Italy thanks to the quality of its technology, the skills, and competencies of its personnel. Today it is time to replicate this experience abroad and develop new markets proposing Sadas solutions/technology to the international market. According to the market and competition analyses, there is room for SADAS expansion abroad.
Partners who decide to collaborate with Sadas will get immediate benefits both in terms of revenues with a fee on the sales and in terms of know-how. They could exploit Sadas capabilities in order to build their own customized projects and satisfy their customers.
Our internationalization activities’ plan includes:

  • Spread SADAS technology in 30 countries (Middle East, Asia, North/South America, EU).
  • Create a network of Partners in each country.
  • Open Local Offices in at least 5 countries to support the Partners network and the customers.
  • Create an international Sadas workforce.
  • Have an international 24/7 customer service.
  • Replicate the Italian experience in 30 countries abroad.