Sadas Engine

Sadas Engine is a columnar Database Management System able to perform 100 times faster than transactional DBMSs and able to carry out searches on huge quantities of data over a period even longer than 10 years. Sadas Engine was designed to store, manage and analyze huge quantities of data, and seamlessly integrates with any data warehouse environment. It ensures exceptional performances during the phases of ETL and enquiry.

Sadas Engine is specifically designed to achieve outstanding performances in Data Warehouse environments, making access to information easy and quick. It is able to simplify structures and procedures without overlooking efficiency and quality of performances.

In addition to Sadas Engine, SADAS has developed a set of complementary and integrated products perfect for a complete management of company data, from their extraction and analysis to reporting.


SADAS Engine has a lot of great features that make it unique:

High performances: Benchmarks have proved that Sadas Engine is the fastest and most efficient solution on the market to store, manage and analyze Big Data. It performs outstandingly on loading and analysis activities. Try and see it yourself!

Specific technology: Sadas Engine is able to self adapt to new usage conditions thanks to innovative indexes and structures. An Intelligent Upload phase and a Learn by Usage approach ensure incredible results during the phases of ETL and enquiry.

Compatibility: Sadas Engine seamlessly integrates with any data warehouse environment, that is why introducing it requires no effort at all!

Low TCO: How can SADAS cut TCO? Sadas Engine runs perfectly on low cost standard hardware, making expensive appliances or third party licenses unnecessary, and needs no DBA interventions, guaranteeing savings on management and maintenance.

Quick implementation: Sadas Engine is easy to manage and the set-up process is quick: it is sufficient to customize few parameters and it is ready to be used. This allows to save precious time that can be dedicated to the more important activities of data analysis and db designing.

Smart licensing: SADAS pricing policy is smart. You can purchase as many records as you like, the more you buy the less you pay! And if you wish to be 100% sure of the quality of the product, you can download a free license to test it.

Sadas Engine: performances ratio

Test performed under these conditions:
OS: Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition R2
Processor: EM64T Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~2328Mhz
TPC-H Scale Factor: 100

Advanced Technical Features

  • Management of user-defined functions
  • Expressions
  • Join with recorded expressions
  • CHKINFO function
  • CUBE and ROLL UP
  • VARCHAR data type
  • Table partitioning

Additional Modules

  • Query by example
  • Catalog Manager
  • Security Management
  • SQL Editor
  • Advanced management of indexes
  • Activity Monitor
  • Management & Maintenance
  • Backup & Restore
Versions & Updatings

Sadas Engine V. 9.0

By following the indications and needs that come from the users who use Sadas most and by collecting the evaluations and internal needs of the developers of applications and analysis tools, new features have been implemented that meet the needs identified in a better way.

June 06, 2022

Release version 9.0.7

Automatic Data Partitioning Segments functionalities extended with the introduction of automatic mechanisms for horizontal partitioning
Sadas Gateway: GATEWAY mode introduction for Sadas Listener module (clustering of one or more Sadas Engine instances distributed on different physical machines)
Log management: Introduction of a rotation mechanism for log files
General improvement of performances and stability

Sadas Engine fits any field and allows any organization to analyze and manage extremely large volumes of data. Here are some examples of the industries where Sadas Engine is used and how it helps organizations:


Business Intelligence
Data Analytics
Data Warehouse
Reporting & dashboards
Television Audience Measurement
Compliance in Financial Institutions
Data Quality
Data Masking
Location Analytics
Data Governance & Information Management
Internet of Things


Banking & Finance: carry out second-level controls for Anti-Money Laundering, prevent usury, detect credit card fraud and tax evasion and profile customers.

Leasing: develop applications for credit rating, risk management, Anti-Money Laundering, control usury threshold levels and much more.

Insurance: Integrate and analyze data information to detect frauds, identify meaningful trends, combat money laundering and discover hidden patterns.

Media: manage TV audience measurement, conduct in-depth analyses on viewing preferences and discover more valuable insights.

Telecommunications: Using any type of data collected to know and profile customers, telecom services providers can unlock the potential of unstructured data and plan their next move. Improve customer service, satisfaction, retention and loyalty increase the Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Public Sector: help the management of local governments, from local taxing to geo-referencing building footprint.

Retail: profile customers through loyalty cards to discover buying preferences and gain insights on products’ performance.




We at BCCSI offer information services to 180 banks, so partnering with the right IT company was crucial for us. Moving from another partner to Sadas was the right decision, as we considerably improved our efficiency. Thanks to Sadas Engine, our DWH today manages more than 38 billion records, which are constantly updated and on which millions of daily queries are run. The DWH also provides 6500 users with daily reports. Moreover, with Sadas technology and support we have developed all the applications we needed to implement better operations, take better decisions and carry out other important activities, such as marketing campaigns and complying with privacy regulations. Our DWH is bigger than 20 TB, has more than 150.000 tables (the biggest one contains more than 2 billion records), more than 8 billion records updated daily, and guarantees an average response time of less than 0,1 second.



We have started collaborating with Sadas company years ago, and today their IT solutions are an important asset for the business activities of Raiffeisen’s information system. In particular, with Sadas Engine it has been possible to create a DWH that uses more than 2,5 billion records and performs more than 15 million queries per year. Thanks to Sadas, the staff of the branches has dashboards and reports about customers and operations, and is able to run ad hoc searches on the data they’re responsible for. Furthermore, Sadas applications help us monitoring anti-usury and anti-money laundering activities, changes in bank account conditions, marketing campaigns and much more.

Alba Leasing SpA

Alba Leasing SpA

What pushed us to choose Sadas technology is that they had already gained significant experience in leasing world, also through the partnership with the Leaseurope’s Italian member. Thanks to Sadas Engine, we now have solutions that allow us to monitor usury-risk on leasing contracts, manage the indexes related to the performances of securitizations and support anti-money laundering activities. Moreover, with the help of Sadas experts from the UK office, who are members of the DAMA , it was designed the solution for Data Governance in Alba Leasing, by detecting DG principles, the organizational model, policies and procedures.

Success Stories

Decades after its establishment on the economic-productive scene, Business Intelligence remains at the forefront of the investments of small and large companies, on a global scale. A mature market, perhaps, but far from static. The surprising rhythms of change and innovation in the sector put companies in front of two complementary problems: on the one hand, managing larger and more complex amounts of data every day; on the other hand, do it with simple and accessible analysis tools.

The other products of SADAS SUITE


Data is an important asset for obtaining useful information to support business decisions. But once the organization has collected all the data in a data warehouse, how can it interface with it to interrogate it, analyze the data within it and obtain useful information?
SADAS has created Sadas Web: a generalized interface, which can also be used by non-IT personnel, with query by example to access and query data collections of any size on any Sadas DB.


Sadas BI is a solution designed to create navigable applications, dashboards and corporate reports, which can be fully consulted and managed through web pages.Perfectly integrated with the Sadas Engine DBMS, it allows the creation of web applications to support management in strategic choices through dashboards, operational management with ad hoc reporting and transactions, second and third level internal control functions.